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PCD Blank and Wire Drawing Die
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PCD Blank and Wire Drawing Die

Product description

With the help of bonding agent, diamond grains bond strongly under a HTHP process. The highly uniform and dense microstructure is critical for specific physical and mechanical properties required for PCD blanks, such as high abrasive wear ratio, high hardness and thermal conductivity.


PCD blanks can be classified into two catogories in accordance with the bonding agent used, namely cobalt-based and silicon-based. Co-based PCD blank can be self-supported or tungsten carbide ring - supported, it has a casing temperature of less than 650 degree Celsius. Co-based PCD blanks are suitable for making dies for drawing non-ferrous metal wire, stainless steel wire, and alloy wire. Si-based PCD blanks have a much higher casing temperature of up to 1200 degree Celcius, which are more suitable for making high temperature wire (such as iron and tungsten) dies.


Our PCD dies are made from high quality PCD blanks and assembled using advanced equipments and technologies. Our PCD dies are regularly reported to have excellent drawing performances, such as smooth wire surface and long lives. Different types of dies in the form of finished or semi-finished are also available, and can be readily made to customers specifications, such as ND, AD, CD, Nano coating dies. 

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